NonCon 2008 & Questionable Content

I had the pleasure of attending No Such Convention (NonCon), hosted by Vassar College’s No Such Organization, today. It was a load of fun! They put together a really organized and enjoyable event. Serious props.

The main reason I made my way over to the lovely Vassar today was to see a panel by Jeph Jacques, writer and illustrator of my favorite webcomic, Questionable Content. His panel was a simple and hilarious question and answer session. Jeph and Cristi are just like I’d imagine them to be, funny and friendly. No, really, they were really nice.

I love them as much as you can love people you’re acquainted with via the Internet, and hope they keep doing what they do for a long time. If you don’t read Questionable Content, I recommend you clear out a few hours of your life and start from the beginning.

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