Happy Birthday to Blog

My blog is two years old today. Although I may not use it as furiously and regularly as I used to, it’s still one of my most valuable assets. I have many great memories with it, including getting into college, having a tympanoplasty, and organizing Register for Change. Those awesome memories, projects, and goals will only continue to grow. To celebrate this occasion, I’m going to repost a heart-warming blog comment I received recently.

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your descriptive and honest blog. I wish I had googled this topic earlier, I am about to undergo my third tympanoplasty. I got my ear wet after the first operation, and blew my nose after the second. My surgeons never really emphasized how fragile the graft really is, they just kept telling me about high percentage rates of success. Although I have not been the best patient in the past, I am going into this third surgery ready for hybernation. I plan on locking myself up for 8 weeks: no work, no showers, no physical activity, no blowing my nose and no sneezing. I hate to resort to this extreme form of rehab, but am desperate. How did your rehab compare? How did you take care of things like hygiene, congestion, and the constant idleness? Any advice is appreciated.

Yet another holy eared one,


The idea that people from across the world can search for stories about almost anything and bond over their experiences still surprises me, despite the fact that I’ve been on the Internet for close to six years now. It’s so amazing. Thank you for continuing to read what I have to say and have an awesome holiday weekend if you’re in the United States!

And that’s my obligatory birthday post.

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  • Hi Richard, and Adam,

    I underwent tympanoplasty on my left ear 5 days ago, so I’m currently just resting at home and reading up on it when I can. Like Richard, I’ve had a hole in my ear drum since I was a kid, and hence I’ve been wearing ear plugs whenever I shower, and, well, just coping with the hearing loss.

    What Adam wrote about having a third tympanoplasty scared me though. Is the graft really that fragile? How do you know if you’ve hurt your ear drum? I’ve been laughing and sneezing but I try to keep my mouth open when I do, to reduce the pressure to my ear.

    Thanks for your posts Richard! Helped me a lot. :)

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