Choosing the right online cyber security masters program is crucial because it helps you to take control of your online career and get the information and resources to protect your online identity and business operations. Cyber security masters program is a master’s-level education in computer science and information technology that is nationally accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Career Schools in the Information Systems Industry (CAICS).

Cyber security masters programs are accredited by CAICS to teach a person how to handle the vulnerabilities that will arise from their own or others’ actions (visit websites like Fortinet to get all the details). The program provides the student with the tools to prevent these vulnerabilities from being exploited, and helps him/her apply security principles to carry out business practices on a daily basis.

Bachelor’s Degrees

To earn a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, students must obtain a minimum of 52 credit hours and a cumulative average of 2.50 in two years of study. A minimum of four foundation courses, three research courses, and three electives must be earned. The four foundation courses, 3.50 each, comprise the majority of the coursework for bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity. An additional eight foundation courses, 5.50 each, can be taken to add electives. However, at least 25 of these credits must be online courses.

Certificate of Completion

A student may earn a certificate of completion by successfully completing the 48 foundation courses and all 50 elective courses. Students do not have to earn at least 52 credit hours. At least 3.0 grade point average in the courses that comprise the foundation requirement and at least 2.5 grade point average in the courses that comprise the elective courses are required for the completion of a certificate of completion.