SEO is important because it keeps the search results fair.

Most people think that the best way to increase your Google SERPs is by improving your website. Unfortunately, that isn’t true, and we need to come up with another approach, one that covers all the SEO services entirely.

So let’s talk about how you can boost your SEO with a legitimate email list. I think that it’s crucial to not just send out newsletters to your subscribers. I’ve seen some people just spam their subscribers with links to their blog posts, but I don’t think that’s ideal.

The best way to send emails to your readers is by having them read and subscribe to a relevant blog post. So how do you make sure that your emails reach them?

First, you need to go to a web address like, click on the button with a red dot, and sign up for a newsletter.

Then, you need to use the Follow Blog button to make sure that your email doesn’t just go to the first email blast. The purpose of this is to try to open your email to see who it’s from and read through it. It’ll help you target the email recipients in your network.

After signing up, check the unsubscribe list box because this can bring on a flood of spam.

Now, I’ve used this system with others who were unable to get it to work. So, if you don’t get it to work right the first time, you may have to give it a try in a week or so. Just make sure to subscribe to the newsletters of bloggers who are relevant to you, and also not spam your readers.

If you just want to make sure that your emails are open and read, you can also check out It’s a tool that allows you to see the emails from a particular website and do a little search to see if it’s a relevant blog.

As far as which blog to focus on, there are actually a lot of different blog sites to find good content. One of the best is which is a resource that organizes thousands of search results. It’s a great way to find content that is relevant to your niche.

The other one to try is Uwe Krause’s blog. Uwe Krause has an interesting method for promoting your blog using social media. Basically, you tweet and blog all at once, and people read your posts and then share it on other social networks. The email blast won’t go to anyone on your list, but it will increase traffic to your blog.

The best time to do this is on your blog posts. Krause said in the interview with BuzzSumo that you can do this when you publish your blog post.

Last but not least, you need to make sure that you’re using the latest, best tools to keep your emails open and read. Many of the links that you write are going to get deleted in a couple of days, so you need to be sending out more than once a week to stay relevant.